Senior Sound Designer for Arkane Studios Lyon

🔊 Crafting sonic experiences for video games

I’m also:

Union delegate for Printemps Ecologique

🌍 Advocacy for a better workplace and world

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Arkane Studios

AAA immersive sim game
– Sound design and integration for all kinds of SFX
– Real time VO postprocess
– Work with programmers to develop amazing audio features

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream

AAA Action-Adventure game
– Performance Capture audio recording
– Voice processing
– Localization management
– Foley&SFX recording and processing
– Dialog editing & mix for trailers

And before video games?

I worked in sound for series & shorts.
Old demo reel

I am also sound engineer for live shows!
Magoyond – Le Trianon (Paris)

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